ELDA is a longstanding duo collaboration between piano/keyboard player Andrew Woodhead and trumpeter Aaron Diaz, mixing acoustic sounds with live electronics and soundscapes. Often performing in collaboration with special guests, their music explores the boundaries between the worlds of jazz, improv, electronica and folk as well as the ever-changing relationship between composition and free improvisation. Previous collaborators have included vocalist Kari Eskild Havenstrøm, mbira player/percussionist Millicent Chapanda, vocalist/guitarist Didier Kisala, bassist Chris Mapp and producer/trumpeter Sam Wooster (UUOO).

ELDA ft. Kari Eskild Havenstrøm

“Havenstrom brings the influence of Norwegian folk music to an impressive performance featuring her pure, clear wordless voice underpinned by the subtle drone of electronica.  At times the music enters into the realm of the Sami joik, this further embellished by remarkable electronic manipulations… Diaz and Woodhead are similarly impressive as they allow themselves free rein on their respective instruments.’

- The Jazz Mann

Shiny/Things sees ELDA collaborating with Norwegian vocalist Kari Eskild Havenstrøm (Trondheim Voices, Kristoffer Lo). Andrew and Kari first performed together at Cheltenham Jazz Festival’s Trondheim Exchange in 2013, and have continued their musical partnership with this album, recorded in May 2016.

ELDA ft. Didier Kisala and Millicent Chapanda

“The collaboration between ELDA and two musicians originally from Zimbabwe, Millicent Chapanda on mbira and vocals and Didier Kisala on guitar and vocals, worked really well with electronics and trumpet blending brilliantly with the African rhythms and vocals to produce something unique.”

- TDE Promotions

This new project features Zimbabwean mbira player/percussionist Millicent Chapanda and Congolese vocalist Didier Kisala, and was premiered at Ideas of Noise Festival in 2018, supported by Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham and Ideas of Noise.